The Little Crow Family

Our team is truly a family. Some of our skiers have been on the team for 10+ years and others have only skied for a couple of years. We have many moms, dads, sons, daughters, cousins, aunts, and uncles all coming together to make one giant Crow family!

We encourage new members and families to join our team. There is no experience necessary - come to Neer Park, watch us practice, ask questions, and maybe even get on the water!

+ How old do you have to be to join?

All ages welcome! Our skiers are usually around 9 years old and up. Our younger skiers (some even younger than 9) perform in our"B Show" which is for our developmental skiiers.

+ What does it cost to join?

Nothing! We do ask that you and your family help out with various jobs that need to get done for the team. You will also be required to get a USA Waterski membership for safety reasons.

+ Will I have the best summer of my life?

100%, yes.


Interested in joining the team? Let's chat.

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